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New Mage/Fishink to Download
October 29th, 2005

Following up from my post yesterday regarding the ability to change scenes, I’ve just updated the Mage download to demonstrate it.

Just a few notes to anyone eager to try it out:

  • Pressing ‘T’ will toggle the talk animation
  • Don’t drag inventory items, click them and then click where you want to use them
  • There is no path finding, so be weary that the character will try to follow the shortest path to the location you click
  • ESC exits

Please note that not all the game logic is in the configuration file, I’m yet to move some of the more complex stuff out from C++. But feel free to fiddle with anything you choose.

Please note that the second room is not found by opening the door and walking out… it’s somewhere less… obvious. If you just want to know where, continue reading…

Ok, the bedspread can be pulled back to reveal a hole in the floor. The hole in the floor must be used with the torch to trigger the entrance into the cave.