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The agenda
November 3rd, 2005

So I was racking my brain about which to do next; path-finding or text. And after much deliberation, (with myself) the clear winner was text. By ‘text’ I mean, the ability for the actors to say things. You know… Monkey Island style. This is probably not going to be easy, fortunately I’ve already done some work reverse-engineering the Lucasarts character set. That wasn’t as difficult as it might sound, thanks to this website can’t say I’m too sure about the legality, however…

Going to have to dig out that old long abandoned code and get it working with the latest cut of Mage.

But yes, aside from this new feature, some of the improvements and adjustments that I’m working on include:

  • Transitions between scenes
  • Add a splash screen
  • Package up a Mac binary for release
  • Move more game logic into config
  • Figure out why the bedspread sometimes doesn’t go up when you click it!

As for that last one, I’m pretty sure its just the manipulation rectangle being poorly positioned… something I need to look into this evening.