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MAGE on the Pocket PC!
November 14th, 2005

My Game On A Pocket PCOh happy day! Chris has successfully compiled Mage on the Pocket PC, (specifically, his Dell Axim). What’s even cooler is that he didn’t have to hack the source code to get it to work, the .NET 2005 compiler actually compiles standard C++ for the ARM architecture. Who woulda thunk it!

Granted, it runs like a guy with no legs, but that’s impossible to tell from the photo I’ve attached. To be fair, the slowness isn’t helped by the indiscriminant SDL_Delay(50) that’s in the main loop. I’m gonna give Chris the latest source code today and see how that goes.

Oh, and running it in landscape mode is pretty amusing. Although the picture shows up, bits of it splat all over the place. Kind of hard to explain, suffice to say, it’s pretty amusing.