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Improvements and bug fixes
November 17th, 2005

So here’s the round-up of recent work…

Due to popular demand I’ve made text speed adjustable. Just about everyone who’s gotten back to me has complained that Dennis takes too long to blabber on about how useful tissues are and all that. The obvious fix was the make -/+ adjust the text speed. No visual feedback yet, so you don’t actually know how slow/fast the text is… won’t be long.

I’ve made some improvements to the Signal/Slot mechanism; it’s now possible to say that a slot requires the absense of a flag. This makes things a heck of a lot simpler. For example, when you try to turn on the light once, Dennis says something to the effect of, “I think it’s broken.” This slot requires the presence of the have_not_used_switch flag. If you do it again, he’ll say, “Trust me… it’s broken.” This second slot requires the presence of the have_used_switch. This felt wrong from day one. This configuration can now be done with one flag; used_switch. If it’s not there, he says comment #1, if it is, he says comment #2. Not very interesting, huh? Well trust me, it makes it easier to script.

And… I’m a few steps closer to moving the signal/slot hooks into config, so that’ll be a big achievement. I’m quite looking forward to the day that I’ll be able to seperate the Mage and Fishink downloads.

What else we got… I’ve made a slight fix to the Director class. Someone noticed that if you clicked on something while the Actor was talking, he wouldn’t walk to it… (which is correct) …but when he stopped talking, he would try to manipulate the ‘something’. Which was wrong. That was an easy fix.

…Anything else? Don’t think so. I really gotta make a start on the next scene. I’m getting sick of the bedroom and cave all the time.