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Automated the Pocket PC build
November 25th, 2005

So I’ve modified the refresh_project_jamfile script I was referring to in my previous post so that it keeps the vcproj up to date. Feels good to have things automated.

I did a little bit of profiling, which was quite interesting. Turns out SDL_FillRect() is quite slow. As seeing as I was clearing canvas’s unnecessarily, it was a major cause for slow down. Removing these redundant calls gave me something like a 200% performance improvement – but the Pocket PC build is still dang slow. Chris reminded me that the SDL.dll he gave me was compiled in debug mode, so I’m going to recompile that… I’m excepting great things, but we’ll see.

I’m looking for some feedback from the Boost peeps to see if there’s a way I can use lexical_cast on an architecture that doesn’t (properly) support exceptions so I’ll see how that goes. I may just have to duplicate the innards of the function. Bah.

I’m going to start on the text speed dialog box; it’ll just be a bar in the top left corner or something like that – haven’t thought too much about it yet. It’s another one of those, “seems simple at first” type problems, though I’m not excepting it to be too difficult. When this is done, I’ll upload a new binary.