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Path finding works!
December 5th, 2005

Sounds exciting huh? Well it’s pretty exciting… except that there are still a few issues.

First of all, I ended up integrating the BGL’s astar search into MAGE, which was reasonably painless. A couple of things I’m less than ecstatic about, but hey. Suffice to say, when I click somewhere on the screen, Dennis will walk there – unless the place I clicked was outside of the boundary. Which sucks. The reason this happens is because the path finder (BoundaryNavigator) can’t solve a path, and so Dennis doesn’t move. Compare this to the “just walk until you hit a boundary” technique and you can see how this is hardly intuitive. For example, when the player clicks somewhere on the screen, that location will be compared with all scene objects. If no object is at that location, Dennis will just walk there. Otherwise, he’ll walk to the foot of the object. Typically, the foot of each object is not a walkable region. This means, in the current build of Mage, you can’t walk to objects by clicking on them – hence why I haven’t uploaded it yet.

I think I know how to deal with this problem, and I intend to do some work on it tonight. A new binary is coming very soon.