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Photos are Phun
January 6th, 2006

Please don’t mind the ‘ph’ in fun. It can be difficult to come up with snappy titles.

As you can probably guess, I haven’t touched the game for a while, being on a break from work means I don’t need to write code – so I don’t. Somehow, being required to write code for somebody else motivates me to write code for myself… so we’ll see what happens when I’m back at work (on Monday).

The fingers on my left hand have well and truly guitarified – gone hard. Which is amusing. I’ve been playing stuff by The Shins, still without a pick mind you, which is quite frustrating… maybe I go out and splurge 30 cents…

Speaking of splurges, I’ve purchased an extra 512MB of memory for my Powerbook (15″). Ryan found MacMall, which the peeps at Whirlpool seemed to support. It’s based in NSW so it might take a little while to turn up.

My interest in digital photography has rekindled lately, and like all cool geeks, I decided to sign up for a flickr account. As I type, my first 3 images are being uploaded 🙂

Midori CocktailPurple FlowerGoldy Pink FlowerYanchep Rocks

The Flickr integration with Movable Type is reasonably nice… just annoying that I have to post a new entry for each photo… maybe that can be fixed.