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January 14th, 2006

Droplet 0.1 (Elissa)Dang that was a tricky shot! If you can’t tell, it’s Elissa (my sister) sitting down – out of focus, while a droplet of water is caught on its descent from above the shot. Elissa can be seen in the droplet. Enlarge it and see!

To capture this one, I first of all needed to get Elissa to sit down for about 30 minutes. Next was keeping getting the drips from the water bottle to happen a predictable rate. Then, of course, there was the lighting… Oh, the humanity!

To be honest, I’m not entirely pleased with this shot. The lighting conditions weren’t good – not to mention I was using the wrong ISO setting. The aperture and shutter speed were great, but the focus of the droplet could have been better.

I’m going to keep trying with this one, probably get Jess to pose for the next one. Oh, and next time, I’ll be sure to save it as RAW.