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More Flickr Fun
February 9th, 2006

Recently, I’ve been playing around in scoring/voting groups. Just a bit of fun with the occasional critical analysis. My first couple of shots were taken on one of our trips to Yanchep – during the sunset.

Sun Kissed Sand MonsterNew FriendJess and I made friends with this Golden retriever (and his two brothers) and were throwing a stick for him to, er, retrieve. The one on the far left was cropped from a slightly larger picture after some advice from the Score Me group. You can still find the original in my photostream, it had a huge lens flare in the top right corner which (apparently) detracted from the overall shot… not sure I agree, but I think I prefer this version better.

Party Light ConstellationI'm Falling! I'm Falling!And then there’s these two, taken last night. Though my intention was to get a picture of Jess (or I) floating (in the style of antimethod, these two shots came about instead. Personally, I think the cartwheel shot worked out great.

And finally, Jess now has a Flickr account! Find her stuff here. Enough for now 🙂