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March 27th, 2006

Things are going well in the land of Mage. Absolutely all game logic is now in Lua. That is to say, C++ is Mage, and Lua is Fishink. Quite a nice way to look at it, I’d say. As keen as I am to put up a new version, I’m gonna hold back until I’ve finished up with pathfinding. I’m commiting to the method described on this site after my A* performance turned out to be quite terrible. This new method uses a collection of convex polygons with shared edges to define the boundary. I avoided this idea for quite a while due to the fact that it’s a tad bit trickier for a designer to set up a collection of convex polygons than it is to create a black & white boundary image. But then… the end justifies the means – this is a very fast algorithm that should work very well on, say, a Pocket PC when compared to something heavyweight like A*. It shouldn’t take me too much longer, though I’m not going to set a date. Just keep your eyes peeled.

So what’s on my TODO list? Well, it gets longer everytime I think about it. This is what it currently looks like (in no particular order):

  • Pathfinding
  • Conversation trees
  • Sound
  • Scrolling scenes
  • Text – Make it coloured and fix that niggly chopped off pixel problem
  • Feedback when the mouse hovers over an Item

My current top priority item is pathfinding, obviously. After that I would have to say it’s the Item feedback. It’s one of those stupidly trivial problems that keeps getting pushed back because there are so many more trickier things to think about. After pathfinding I’ll tackle it… promise.