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Catastrophic System Meltdown
April 2nd, 2006

This afternoon my subversion server underwent what can only be described as a catastrophic system meltdown: 95% of the hard drive simply got wiped. It would seem to have been caused by a virus that triggers on April 1st. Serves me right for keeping something important on a machine running Windows. Quite amusing that it happened to occur on revision 667. That’s right, the neighbour of the beast.

I had a go at recovering the repository using FreeUndelete, (pretty awesome tool, being free ‘n all) though that seemed to have a little bit of trouble… svnadmin verify would bail out every 20 or so revisions with a unique and fancical error message each of which roughly equated to, “you is screwed.” But wait! I had my repository back-up… made in November. Still, no matter, perhaps I can give the recovery a helping hand by plonking down all revisions up to 576. Turns out that was just wishful thinking; revision 647 was total garbage.


Still, it’s not a total loss, I merged the head of the repository into the November 7th version of the repository so now it just has this huge gap… nothing to really complain about there.

Oh and path finding works now. I’ll upload some binaries soon.

  • Ryan Winter — 10:24 am on 2.4.2006

    That’ll teach you to backup more often (he says as he frantically backs up his hard disk).