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It’s all going ever so well…
April 5th, 2006

Mage has certainly improved a lot as of late. I’ve found that it’s addressing those nitty-gritty details that has the biggest effect. For example, text can now be coloured! Trust me, it looks really cool to see purple text appearing on top of Dennis’ head. Another huge positive is the what I’m calling Item feedback. That is, when you hover the mouse over an Item, its name appears on top of the inventory bar. Also, as I mentioned previously, path finding now works a charm – hardly a nitty gritty detail, but certainly something that’s been cast aside again and again.

Apologies for not uploading the binaries yet, I built the Windows version with .NET 2005 (using BoostBuild V2) but I’ve got no idea how to distribute it! One upshot of my Windows box exploding is that I now have a fresh install of Windows to test my distributions on – I don’t need to bother a friend with “tell me if this runs on your computer” requests. I’ll try compile with 2003 tonight and hopefully upload it. Linux binary will probably come tomorrow.

In other news, my 15″ Powerbook is unfortunately suffering the symptoms described in this article. I’m going to have to bring it back into Nextbyte for repairs. Fun.