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I’ve Posted It Before, But Here It Is Again…
April 18th, 2006

My Game On A Pocket PCI posted this on Flickr recently and I’ve decided to post it here again, just cos its so dang cool. It’s been a while since I’ve tried to compile Mage for the PocketPC and I think I should give it another go, now that I’m using Lua and all. It should also be interesting to see how fast/slow it is running nowadays.

At the moment I’m working on artwork for the game, so there’s almost zilch to report as far as the engine is concerned. I am starting to think about memory management however; the fact that Lua has a garbage collector seems really unusual to me, seeing as it is commonplace to embed it in C, which is not garbage collected. I need to address the fact that absolutely every asset remains in memory throughout the duration of execution. Easiest solution is to put a Kill method on the Lua Script Object table. Maybe that’ll do. Who knows, who knows.