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My New Mobile and J2ME
June 12th, 2006

About a month ago I bought myself a Motorola V3i from Exeltek. Nice price, quick delivery. Only issue is that their website seems to have some issues with Safari; I placed the order, (using bank transfer) and transferred the money – but got no verification. I phoned them up the next day to make sure it all worked and I was told that they have my money but not my order. No problems, no problems… they took my order over the phone and the phone was delivered the next day. No worries mate.

I gotta say, it’s pretty spiffy. I haven’t made much use of the iTunes support however, but I keep planning to. I’m going to encode a 3gp video (an episode of South Park) tonight and see how that plays on the phone.

The most use I’m getting out of the phone (aside from sending and receiving phone calls that is) is the Java capability. Sure, I’m playing a few games, (not the ones that come with the phone; they’re stupid) but mostly, I’m making one. A while back, Chris told me about a programming competition, a kind of ‘write a game in a month’ type thing. I mused with the idea of rushing Fishink out the door but decided against it. I came up with something else though, described it all to Chris, got pretty excited about and proceeded to do nothing about it. Until now, that is!

I have finally brought the idea to life and implemented it on my phone. The whole process is really quite interesting; particularly considering that my phone is really not that speedy (in comparison to, say, the K750) which means that it benefits from optimisation. Carrying out beneficial optimisation, that is, optimisation that results in a higher frame rate is really enjoyable. Keeping the game cross-compatible is harder than you’d think as each phone seems to have its own quirks. At the moment I know that it works on the Sony Ericsson K750, the Nokia 6280 and the Motorola V3i. It’s something I intend to market but I still figuring out how to do that.