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The Big Day Is Here
June 27th, 2006

So it’s the morning of 27th. Only a few hours until I take off for a short stop-off in Brunei before heading to London to begin my European tour.

My oversized bag is overly packed, but within the limits set by Contiki. Indeed I have much more stuff than I need for 2 weeks, but those 2 weeks are going to consist of a lot of different climates and activities, so you never know when a propeller hat might just come in handy.

Can’t quite tell how nervous I am right this minute, just finished watching the Australia vs Italy game and the adrenaline from that hasn’t quite worn off yet. Disappointing result; bad decision from the ref but hey, no amount of violent disagreement is going to put Australia back in the game. *sigh*.

Best be getting some shuteye, got a big day tomorrow! I’ll try to post here and on Flickr while I’m away, and I’ll be checking my email as much as I can.