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Leaving Brunei
June 28th, 2006

I’m sitting in an Internet Cafe across the road from the Hotel right now and I’m leaving for a 17 hour flight to London in a few hours.

Our stay in Brunei has been fun; the weather has been 30 degrees minimum (as far as I can tell) and the smell, at first revolting, is becoming bearable. I’ve got a bunch of photos already but the connection here is much to slow to even consider uploading them.

I’ll run down what we’ve done so far, before I forget and probably clean up this post later…

The plane ride was quite turbulant, kinda feels like the plane was being head butted by a giant from time to time. THe pilot apologised when we arrived, which was at around 7. We left the airport by something like 7:20, at the most. Customs was a little very lax; we signed a declaration saying that we were only taking 2 bottles of liquor into the country, they looked at our bags and let us out. None of that fancy X-Ray machine stuff, in fact when we got to the carousel our bags were already sitting on the ground, we took a bit longer that the rest of the passengers because the visa person advised us to go to organise our seating on the way to London. Never mind. Our Taxi driver to the hotel was a nice guy, he gave us some advise as to where to check out during the night. Just about every person we meet is extremely friendly and most of them speak english. There was the occasional person that clearly didn’t look impressed and were saying what was presumably derogatory things in Malay. Nobody looked in the least bit threatening though. I feel pretty stupid not even being able to say yes or no in their language, when they’ve gone to the trouble of learning mine!

We walked through some markets that night and bought $1 noodles for dinner, it wasn’t very much but we weren’t feeling particularly hungry after eating so much on the plane. The thing that was so bizzare was that with all the activity, it felt like a saturday night or something, but it was Tuesday! There was the occasional moment where it sorta clicked that we were on a different continent and all that. (First time out of the country for me you see).

First thing we did today was go inside the Mosque. We had to take our shoes off and wear a gown. The place looked amazing inside! We weren’t allowed to take photos inside but I got heaps from the outside. There was a police band preparing for the Sultan’s birthday next month. It’s pretty funny to see a policeman holding a trumpet, but maybe that’s just me. After coming back to the hotel to towel off (it really is that hot) and change of foot wear we checked out some more markets just across the road. We went for a short boat ride that took us to a water village. The village is pretty much just a bunch of huts in the middle of the ocean. I got some great photos from there.

We’re going to eat now and head to the Airport. I am not looking forward to the 17 hour flight. I’ll try to upload some photos when we get to London. Bye for now!

  • Damned Perth is so very backwards. I cant believe everyone voted No in that referendum.

    I remember a police band played for us at the T.O.M finals in Melbourne. If you think seeing a copper playing a trumpet is weird, imagine a whole bunch of them playing covers of Green Day, Presidents and other recent-at-the-time songs.

    Do they really speak Malay in Brunei? How strange. I always figured it for Arabic.

    Keep having fun!