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Cockfosters is a funny word
June 29th, 2006

Righto I’m gonna have to be brief, we’re in a bit of a hurry actually.

We touched down in London today and about 6:30, (after passing through Dubai) and have been having a reasonably full on day. First up, our reservation was a no-show. That is, the Generator has no record of us being booked in with them. So that was a bit frustrating. The guy behind the desk was one of those hyperactive types where everything is really exciting and fun, which is usually pretty good, but not really useful when something isn’t going to plan.

As our good fortune would have it, it’s a Thursday – so that means late night shopping in Perth. So that means he was able to ring up Perth and ask what the heck happened to our booking. Long story short, that didn’t actually come out good anyway, but it did at least confirm to him that we weren’t chronic liers. Unfortunately for us however, our deposit meant nothing and we had to pay full price. Which was £20 (how cool, this keyboard actually has a £ symbol on it) each, per night. ARGH! Student Flights have some explaining to do when we get back to Perth. I’ll write out the email to her next time I’m at a kiosk.

We are all really jetlagged and the floor feels like it’s moving… kinda like how it felt when I got off the boat with work.

I’m really erratic at the moment, we’re kinda in a hurry, (as I mentioned). We’re meeting with Gabby’s brother tonight, he has a house here in … some place which I can’t recall the name of… and we’re going to be eating dinner tonight, which I’m really looking forward to… I haven’t showered for a couple days.

Um Um there’s gotta be something else… Oh. The tube’s are awesome. You wanna go someplace, you just find the tube you need, stand there for 2 minutes and a train comes and fetches you. Oh and cockfoster is the east most stop on the picadilly route.

Ok, I better head out now. Need to SHOWER and shave, in the crappy hostel showers that is.