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More London
June 30th, 2006

Gee, I really wonder how much longer I’m gonna be able to keep up this blogging stuff.

I’m in a scummy Internet cafe on er… Oxford Street I think and we’ve just come back from checking out the British Museum. The argentina/germany game is on the background and the locals are going nuts (I think someone just scored). What I find awesome is that its 5:30, and the soccer is on!

Um… there’s not a lot to report on, other than we went out with Gabby’s brother last night to Chop Chop, which is a really fast service chinese restaraunt. I see you guys are commenting on/viewing our photos, which is really cool. We’re about to check out the Arran house hotel and see if they can put us up for when we return to london for 2 days. Ryan recommends it, so hopefully it’s good, but surely anything it will be better than the generator… but to be fair, the beds were comfortable and the breakfast (corn flakes) was good. We ate our fruit that we brought from the market yesterday, but unfortunately we had cut some mold off the strawberries as we had no way of refrigerating them overnight 🙁

We’ve visited a travel agent to find out where the contiki office is for early tomorrow morning when we start our tour (without breakfast it seems) and we’re going to visit their before going… er, home.

As it turns out, Simona will be leaving Paris the day we arrive, so we miss her and chad by a few hours, which is a shame.

So the next time I post, assuming all goes well, we’ll be in Paris.

Missing you all, Matt & Jess.

  • Germany just won against argentina 4 – 2 on a penalty shootout.

    Why the hell arent you watching.

    Oh yes. Youre in germany. Im in my bedroom.

    Have fun. Keep us up2date.

  • I just watch the movie Hostel. All I could think of when I was watching it was the hostel where your staying in London. EEK!

    Hope things are go well. Sounds like your running into the usual hitch or two along the way.