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July 11th, 2006

Hi everyone!

It cerrtainly has been a busy tour, far busier than I ever imagined! It surprises me that we are even able to cope! We are on about 5 hours of sleep at a maximum and that has very little to do with choice! At least we get to sleep on the bus, I guess, but its not really the same…

Since the last update, we have been to Pisa, Florence, Rome and are currently in Munich (where the keyboard is all twisted and weird hence making it very difficult to write this out!).

PisaPisa, first of all, was really dirty, crowded with, looky-looky men trying to sell us rubbish. We obviously took a few shots of the leaning tower but, yeah… not quite as nice as we were hoping. We got a little lost there actually, and ended up getting 10 minutes late to our bus. They didnt take off without us (thank god) and we had our heads held low when we arrived. Turns out however, that we werent the last ones on the bus! But Ill talk about that interesting story with you in person, and not on the net.

Florence was quite nice, though it was raining heavily. Youd think it would be a nice change from the 37 to 40 degree tempreatures but no, it was awful. The authentic tuscan dinner was very nice; there were about 4 or 5 courses. Florence was also the setting for the Contiki photo which I reckon will look lovely.

The bug that flew into my earRome was fantastic! Only issue was that we needed to be so extremely careful not to get robbed! We saw the Trevi fountain, had a tour around the colloseum (with an old woman that had far too much energy), saw a bunch of old ruins nearby, walked through the sistene chapel (which was absolutely fantastic) and then promptly collapsed into a heap of exhaustion. That night, a particularly large bug flew into my ear. Needless to say it was very unpleasant. When I say “in my ear” i mean IN MY EAR. The flapping wings were really loud right next to my eardrum. Ill post a photo as soon as I can. No time now, only 2 minutes left!

Gondola Ride in VeniceItaly's First GoalNext we moved to Venice, which was gorgeous. We had a ride in a Gondala with a particularly charming, er, driver. We went in a group of six (3 couples), drank lots of wine making it a really romantic 40 or so minutes. Unfortunately Chris lost his camera on the boat, but there is still a chance that he gets it back, fingers crossed. We watched the first half of the World Cup final in a big square in the city standing on milk crates but had to catch the 10:30 boat home, but we managed to catch the end of the second half as well as extra time and the penalties in the bar. It was great to be in italy when they won the world cup!

Rathaus GlockenspielToday we are in Munich, and its a very clean city with gorgeous views and very nice people. We have had hardly any free time today we got to view a lot of sights on the coach. Tonight we visited a Bavarian Beer Hall which was fantastic! Unfortunately Jesss camera ran out of batteries so we dont have many photos of our own, but surely we will be trading with the others. There was a lot of beer, authentic german food and crazy dancing germans. Basically, it was a lot of fun.

We also found out that our tour manager and driver will be leaving us a day before the tour is set to end, which was very sad for all of us. So we are having a big night tonight to celebrate.

Sorry it has been such a long time since the last update and phone call, we have had hardly 10 minutes to ourselves. Hope youre having a good time back home, missing you all, Matt and Jess.

  • Matt said: “saw a bunch of old ruins nearby”

    Do you mean the forum or the palace ruins on palatine hill? That was much more impressive than the collosseum.