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July 13th, 2006

I’m sitting at the hostel in Amsterdam now and the tour is almost over. Tonight we’re going out for a chinese dinner with the whole group so that should be lots of fun. Our tour manager unfortunately had to nick off early as her next tour is starting before ours ends. Since my last post, we left Munich, made a stop off at the Rhine Valley (Koblenz) and are now staying in Amsterdam.

Before stopping in Koblenz we visited Dacau, which is an old German concentration camp. It was an awful place and a sobering experience for absolutely everyone. Needless to say, the bus trip was very quiet after that. We made a stop off in a nice hotel in Koblenz that night and got an early one. We ate a nice icecream, watched german “sex and the city” and german “funniest home videos” and slept.

The next day we visited an odd little clog & cheese making place, a place where diamonds are made, (yes, made) and went for a bike ride with a very unusual guide.

As you can tell, the tour is winding right down. Tomorrow we drive to the port, catch a ferry to dover and take the bus back to London where we’ll be staying for two nights before flying home.

Sorry I can’t get any photos up, there’s no accessible USB on this computer and our batteries are a bit flat anyway.

See you all soon.