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New Site And My Airport Express
August 1st, 2006

Well here it is, my first post unique to my new site. I’ve given the design a bit of a tinkering and I think it looks a little more streamlined, but tomorrow I might change my mind, who knows 🙂

The night of the previous post, I discovered that my Powerbook didn’t have a wireless connection to my home network. “No big deal,” I figured, “someone must be on the phone.” Only, someone wasn’t on the phone. So I get up and check the Airport Express. Oddly enough, its one and only LED wasn’t lit. I pretty soon diagnosed the device as being completely dead. Don’t know how it happened, (power surge maybe?) but I’d obviously need to be giving my local Apple store a call for a repair as it was still under warranty… or so I thought.

Turns out the warranty expired whilst I was away. Dang. Not to worry, “give Apple a call and they’ll extend the warranty,” says the friendly Apple store guy. “Be firm with them,” he suggests. The conversation with Apple was reasonably painless, just a small issue with them tell me that my serial number doesn’t seem to exist on their computers but otherwise no problems.

I just received the replacement today, that’s right, replacement. Seems that it’s easier for them to give me a whole new device rather than open it up and swap out a burnt out resistor. I really love the rundown that they put on the service report:

No power at all
Tried known good Duck Head
Several Power Outlets – all known good!
Hard reset Base Station
No response
Unit is Dead
Have given go ahead for OOW replacement

Basically they did what I did and determined it needs to be replaced. For anyone wondering exactly how a known good duck head is likely to revive an Airport Express, it turns out that duck head is code for the bit that plugs into the wall.

I haven’t bothered to configure it yet, so if you’re in the area feel free to haxor my computator.

  • […] Sort it out, Steve! Today I’m cross with Apple.  Perhaps yesterday’s evangelising was tempting fate a little – my Airport Express has just died, after a mere eighteen months.  No more blissful, wirelessly-streaming music, no more instant wireless networks wherever I roam.  Now I just have an expensive shiny white plastic paperweight.  My crossness is compounded by the realisation that this is by no means an isolated incident.  Macbidouille and Hardmac have collated upwards of 800 near-identical cases of dead base stations.  Other bloggers are just as cross as me.  The failure point appears to be a board which combines both cheap components and poor design, which perhaps goes some way to explain why the dead units are all from 220 / 240v markets.  More worrying is the apparent locking on Apple’s own webiste of support / discussion threads relating to this problem.  Not very sporting.  Even reviews on Apple’s own online store, and on Amazon, mention the problem, but the official line appears to be that once your twelve month guarantee is up, that’s it.  Baaaaaaaaaaad PR, Steve.  Bad PR.Well I’m not sure it is.  British law contains phrases such as fit for purpose and merchantable quality.  I think I’ll take a trip down to the Apple Store on Regent Street and have a chat with them.  And if that doesn’t work, I’ll be writing to Apple.  I might even sue – thanks to I can do it quickly and easily online.  Watch this space. Add to: | Technorati | Digg | | Yahoo | BlinkList | Spurl | reddit | Furl | Published 05 December 2006 16:37 by James Barbour TrackBack URL for this post: […]