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DJ Shadow
August 3rd, 2006

Last night, DJ Shadow (Josh Davis) came to Perth and for the fairly hefty price of $70 each, Jess and I went to see him do his stuff. Turned out to be a really fantastic night. He brought with him a few guest MCs and a singer by the name of Chris James, (no Mos Def however). The identity of each MC he brought out was intended to be a surprise, but amusingly, the support act, Carkrash spoilt it by saying, “DJ Shadow is up next, but I also see Lateef backstage, so I don’t know what’s going on there.” Smooth Carkrash, very smooth.

DJ Shadow & Chris JamesJosh was on the mic a fair bit. He came across as a genuinelly nice guy. He started his set by saying, “I like to get everyone on my side early…” and immediately proceeded to play Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt. A real crowd pleaser. But then again, so were most of his other tunes. An alternate version of Six Days was not totally unlike something that The Chemical Brothers might produce and was definately one of the highlights for me… along with The Number Song. I agree with what The People have been saying; his new stuff is very different. The brit-pop stuff he’s been doing with Chris James, for instance, would not sound out of place on James Lavelle’s Never, Never, Land. The tracks went down great live, but I’m curious how many of his current fans will enjoy the new album.

His encore consisted of UNKLE tracks (Cellestial Annihilation, a very fantastic mash up of Nursery Rhyme and Rabbit In Your Headlights) and appropriately, Midnight in a Perfect World. “We are now approaching Midnight!” boomed the sliced vocals. Yes, Mr. Shadow, we get it. Overall, great night.