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Movie Splitter 3GP
August 14th, 2006

Here’s another Applescript that I’ve polished up for release: Movie Splitter 3GP. It uses QuickTime Player to slice up movies into equally sized chunks and exports those chunks as 3GP. I wrote this when I discovered that my phone (the Motorola V3i) seems to have a hard time keeping video and sound in sync for more than 20 minutes and I intended to use it to watch a whole movie while I was overseas.

It’s quite straightforward to use; open the movie you want to export and click on the script. It uses the most recent export settings so you may want to double check those before you take it for a test drive. Enjoy.

  • JOHN C DUMITRU — 1:19 am on 30.8.2006

    Hi, I’m here because I need to split a Quicktime file into smaller chunks to import it back into iMovie 3, but the other script I found does not work with QT 7. Does yours work for this? I seem to recall that iMovie 3 needs 2 G sections but not sure about that.thx, JD

  • Matt Comi — 9:15 am on 30.8.2006

    Yes, this script works with QT 7. By default it exports as 3GP, which doesn\’t seem to be what you want. You\’re probably going to need to modify the script. Here are the modifications you\’re going to need to do:

    Find the line that reads:

    set theFile to (theFolder & theTitle & \"_\" & theSlice) & \".3gp\" as string

    and change \".3gp\" to whatever extension you want.

    Next, find the line that reads:

    export movie 1 to file theFile as ThreeGPP using most recent settings

    and change ThreeGPP to anything listed in the QuickTime Applescript library, e.g. AVI, BMP, QuickTime movie.

    Hope this helps.

  • JOHN C DUMITRU — 10:42 am on 2.9.2006

    Hi Matt,
    I just found your reply, thanks!
    Unfortunately my brain immediately started turning into jelly, as I have never changed a script in my life, and it scares me a bit. BUT, I am a fast learner and if you could hold my hand and walk me thru it I’m sure I could do it.
    I’d be happy to call you if you like.

  • Hi Matt.

    I tried your script and it didn’t work on my movie. I figured out why, my time scale was not 600. So better to do something like this:

    tell movie 1 to set {theDuration, theTitle, theTimeScale} to {duration, name, time scale}

    Thanks for the script.

  • Matt Comi — 8:56 am on 18.10.2006

    Well thanks very much Jim! I’ll certainly be making that fix.

  • i am gonna show this to my friend, man

  • Tim Murray — 7:11 pm on 12.1.2011

    I download the script, but that duration item does not seem to be addressed. Did you ever do it?