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Shock The Monkey
August 22nd, 2006

A couple of weeks ago, Tim informed me of a competition in which you remix Peter Gabriel’s Shock The Monkey and win a prize. At the time, the nature of the prize was irrelevent as I was just itching to get back into music making.

The mix is almost finished… but I can’t seem to get my hands off it! There’s a 4.5MB limit and at 3:31 and 160 kbps, it’s 4.1MB. I don’t really want to compromise passed 160 kbps so the song will remain roughly the same length until I upload it, which will be any day now!

From the sample pack, I’ve only used the vocals – which is pretty much how I’ve always approached my remixes. I may take another look to see if there are any weird sounds that I can throw into the mix as it seems to be slightly lacking in the top end at the moment.

The terms and conditions of the competition say that I can’t upload the mix anywhere, but I’ll link to it as soon as I submit it. My current intentions are to make the drums slightly punchier and tweak the vocals a little more. Then I’ll be done. Promise.