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Wrestling with J2ME
September 22nd, 2006

For the last few months I’ve been working on a J2ME puzzle game. The reason that I haven’t revealed any details of the project is that I intend to actually make some money out of this thing and demonstrating iteration after iteration doesn’t feel like a smart move. Although I never set myself a deadline upfront, it is beginning to feel as though I’ve invested more effort than I can expect in returns… but I guess that’s fine; it’s my first venture into a new architecture and getting it out there will (almost) be reward enough.

The limited play-testing that I’ve put it through shows me that it seems to be a fun game to play though with any puzzle game, it requires some patience and determination. I’m yet to think seriously about how I’m going to market this thing, though handing it off to an aggregator seems to be the smartest, if not simplest move. Certainly the Mpowerplayer Demo Engine will play a part in the marketing process but I haven’t had a serious look at that either. As is probably quite obvious, I hold the (naive) view that the product is 99% of the work, but certainly there is another (far less interesting) challenge ahead.