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Apple TV?
January 12th, 2007

From the Apple website:

Say you’ve just downloaded Cars from iTunes. Instead of huddling around your computer to watch, you pop some popcorn while your computer wirelessly syncs your new flick to Apple TV. Then you pull up a seat, put up your feet, and pick up the included Apple Remote to play your movie on TV. Give yourself a hand: You’ve just changed the way you watch digital media.

I have? How so? I’ve been doing something similar to this with my Powerbook for a couple years now. Isn’t this just Front Row on a dedicated device? In my opinion, for this to make any sense at all it must be dirt cheap – which it is not. Why not just spend a tiny bit more and:

  • Get a gaming console and use that as a media center, or
  • if you have a laptop, plug your laptop into the TV! If you don’t have an Apple Remote try Salling Clicker.

I never was particularly excited by the Apple TV, but then again I’ve never bought anything from the iTunes Store so maybe Apple isn’t looking in my direction.

  • A poorrich mans Microsoft Media Centre/X-Box.

  • Chris h — 10:09 am on 16.1.2007

    X360 for the win, err Tivo for the win, err as you said laptop into TV for the win?!? Dude, Jobs is so full of himself that every time he takes a dump the word on the street says he yell’s “I’m reinventing the Crap!”

    I’ll take my open solutions to any closed apple setup anyday!