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The Powerbook returns
March 20th, 2007

Yesterday I received the phone call I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for: my Powerbook was ready. The hold up was due to Apple sending out a faulty replacement Logic Board. The service person at the store wasn’t immediately willing to accept this, opting instead to investigate the possibility that both of my RAM chips were broke. A few random kernel panics later and he decided it was time to order another part. I was notified at 4:50PM yesterday that I could pick it up. The last-minuteness of it all made me laugh.

First thing I did was install Twitterrific. I just started with twitter yesterday and so far I’m finding it really fun. I can’t seem to figure out the people search thing – do I just type? am I supposed to press enter? do I have to click that magnifying glass thing? I do all of these things (in that order) and wait. I haven’t bothered to investigate which particular bit of voodoo is doing the trick. Possibly any of the three, who knows.

So what can we expect to pull out next from the Big Bucket? Well, obviously there is an update to TV Forecast in the works, in which I will be taking into account almost all of your suggestions (except for that one about adding reruns to the schedule) as well as a new Dashboard Widget which is nearly ready for release. Thirdly, there is a website redesign coming… probably. That one is fairly low on my (imaginary) priority list but it is certainly something that I want to do.

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