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Tomatometer 1.1 Now Available
April 9th, 2007

A new version of Tomatometer arrived today. The new version addresses a bug that was causing incorrect search results to be generated whenever they were to include a movie that didn’t have a rating. The widget has also undergone a facelift and is now sporting an inexplicably shiny tomato button.

  • Hey,

    Good job with this, beats going to IMDb every time to check on a movie =) But I am getting an error in that if I click the name of the movie – in order to go to the RT site – it begins opening up new tabs in Firefox… and opening, and opening. I took a brief look over the code and didn’t see anything that was obviously out of place [then again I haven’t dabbled in widgets that much], but feel free to contact me for additional information if you need any.


  • Matt Comi — 1:20 pm on 10.4.2007

    Update on the previous comment – the problem went away by itself.

    It appears that widget.openURL() doesn’t play well with TabMix Plus, APE, VirtueDesktops or one of the other third-party extensions that inaequitas was using.

  • Yes… the joys and perils of intense tweaking of one’s Mac.