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TV Forecast 2.0
April 18th, 2007

TV Forecast 2.0 just went live! I feel that it is a huge improvement on 1.0 and addresses a lot of the suggestions that many of you have been making. As always, I welcome any feedback.

  • I like the new look and refreshing in the background, but where’d the scroll bar go? I like to see all the shows in my forecast, but if I choose All, I get a window that’s longer (probably much longer :-)) than my monitor is tall.


    2.0 is even better!

    My only feature request: I don’t watch actual TV – I get all my TV shows from the iTunes Music store (or sometimes DVD). So I don’t care about the time of broadcast. Also, the shows are not avaiable to me until the next day, so I suggest providing an option to “show estimated dates for iTunes” that simply bumps the dates one day into the future, and eliminates the times. That would be great for people like me (I’m sure there are others).

    Thanks for the GREAT work!!!


  • I was wondering if there was any way to display when the next showing of any tv show will be, not just new episodes. I personally love Law and Order (all 3 of them) and its on sporadically all day long on 3 or 4 different channels. If I could display when the next episodes were showing, not just the next new episode, this would be the perfect program. Any advice?

  • Peter VendlegÃ¥rd — 4:28 am on 18.4.2007

    Looks great. Any chance of supporting 24h format? It’d be great to see “21:30” instead of “9:30PM” for us who are not used to the latter. Cheers!

  • Looks nice… Works well.

    Could you please release an update that shows the difference for time zones. I have HBO-E at different time than the eastern timezone, but the widget only gives the eastern time zone time… It’s a small issue, but I would appreciate it!

  • wapittma — 11:05 am on 18.4.2007

    its a major improvement showing the times. I am experiencing problems though. Its showing the episodes that aired today as airing yesterday and episodes that air tomorrow as airing today. Its 11:00 PM EST here so I don’t know if its a time zone problem or what. I will stay up until 12:00 to see if it changes.

  • I love this updated version but I do muss the scroll bar.

  • Wow. I’ve been wanting something like this for a while. Now I’ve finally found it, and it works exactly how I wanted it to. Thanks a bunch!

  • Excellent app. I think the ability to set a time frame in the past to show aired shows might be useful for those who don’t watch it live. Keep up the good work. Sounds like the most difficult task going forward will be triage on feature requests.

  • The widget doesn’t seem to do well with “Great Performances” and doesn’t pick up “Great Performances at the Met” at all. I suppose this is related to the source of the information, rather than a shortcoming of your widget.

    Thanks, though. It works well for all my other favorites.

  • Matt Comi — 12:31 am on 19.4.2007

    @Peter – Great idea. I will look into it for a future version.
    @Scott – I’m investigating ways that I might implement that.

    As for the missing scrollbar… I wasn’t very happy with the way that the default scrollbar behaved on a Dashboard Widget; I found that grabbing the scrollbar would occasionally move the whole widget. Rather than moving it over to the plastic dashboard style scrollbar, I opted for a variable sized forecast with an ability to limit its length.

  • I like the new look. However, it seems to refresh itself every time I trigger dashboard. Is that supposed to happen?

  • Matt Comi — 12:52 pm on 19.4.2007

    @Kevin – It sure is 🙂

    The reason for the infrequent refresh in version 1.0 was that a refresh caused the forecast to disappear until the new data arrived. Now that it happens in the background it is possible to refresh every time you switch to the dashboard without having it get in the way.

  • First off, fantastic widget.

    There seems to be a problem with The Sopranos and Entourage showing as airing a day apart – Sopranos listed as 2 days and Entourage 3 days away, even though they are listed as both airing on Sunday (which is correct).

    Just thought I would say something.

  • Matt Comi — 9:57 am on 20.4.2007

    @Jerome – Cheers for that.

    It would seem that The Sopranos is special – although it is currently on the air, doesn’t list its air time and so TV forecast is reporting 0:00. A small issue, to be sure, but I’ll look into it and release a fix shortly.

    Thanks again!

  • Matt: Thanks for the reply.

    Another issue I noticed is that when it lists how many days away for all of my shows it is one day earlier than it should be (e.g., it says 3 days when it should really be 4).

    I don’t know if it is a time zone thing or what. Not that big of a deal, though.

    Keep up the good work.

  • I have the same error as above where shows that are today say they were yesterday and shows in 2 days say tomorrow. I figure it has to do with the times showing incorrectly. Seems like it doesn’t look at my time zone and there is no place to set a time zone. “fix” these items and it would be buy worthy!

  • good widget, but some shows aren’t showing up even though they are airing regularly. for example, poker after dark was on last night but is displayed as TBA. i went on and the website is missing the shows schedule. it also seems to be missing info for other shows. maybe try pulling show airing data from other websites as well?

  • Cliff Rabon — 12:42 pm on 22.4.2007

    Looks Great! Works Great! NEEDS SCROLL BAR and MINIMIZE button.

  • to add to my previous comment, is completely missing info for shows like “beautiful homes and great estates.” pulling show times from an additional site is sorely needed.

  • I just added Desperate Housewives and happen to know there’s a new episode on tonight, yet doesn’t list it, so neither does your widget.

    Otherwise, great little widget though. So much faster than perusing the usual TV listings.