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TV Forecast 2.1
April 23rd, 2007

So as you have perhaps noticed, TV Forecast 2.1 is now available. The new version addresses a couple of issues:

  • Number of days calculation
  • Handles the case where does not list the air time of a TV show

The number of days calculation was causing a few eyebrows to be raised with many people putting the unusualness down to timezone issues. Not so! The easiest way to explain the problem is to say that 24 hours does not necessarily constitute a ‘day’. That is, if it’s current 9PM on the 1st, and a show is going to air 8PM on the 2nd, then although the show will be airing in 23 hours, it is certainly not going to be airing today. Suffice to say, it is all better now.

As for not listing air times, it turns out that even if lists air dates, it does not necessarily list air times. The Soprano’s is an example of one such show. Prior to version 2.1, its air time would be listed as 0:00. Now, shows missing an air time will display their date instead.

So go ahead and download it! And remember, if you enjoy using it, please consider making a small donation.

  • this is one of the most useful widgets ive ever seen/used (and ive seen them all) it has saved me alot of time and efort finding out when shows will be on but there are still a few things i would change:
    1) bring back the scroll bar
    2) an option that allows you to chose how offen it updates or just the ability to stop it from updating everytime you bring up the dashboard

    thank you for making such a great widget,

  • Some helpful changes were made. Thanks.

    The only thing I would like to see now is time zone support. For example, all of my shows list as an hour before they actually air, because lists shows as Eastern (US) time zone and I live in Central.

  • I also agree that time zone support needs to be implemented!

  • Love the look & love the function!
    Time zones and scroll are on my wish list as well.
    I’ve missed a coupla’ shows with Forecast, but I realize now that it’s tv guides problem…(shakes fist)
    I currently use TV Forecast and Couch potatoe in tandem to track my very addictited viewing habits.
    Perhaps zap2it could help in some way, but it probably isn’t any better with new show data.
    p.s. I actually watch less tv now, only tuning in when something worthwhile is on. Thank you for obviously working so hard at it.

  • I 3rd the Time Zone Support!!! Please PLease!! Excellent Widget, seriously. Well done.

  • Looks really good, pity it doesn’t work in the U.K. as there is no over here 🙁

  • Timezone support would be nice.

    Also, under Leopard (and maybe everywhere) you are having a rounding bug. I was seeing stuff like 3.95856347 days. On DateTime.js , at the very bottom, changing the following fixes this bug:

    return days;
    return Math.round(days);

  • @Nick

    It sometimes works for the UK….it showed me when Skins was during the past series.

  • tibiniou — 5:46 am on 26.4.2007

    that would be nice if we could change the rss feed by another one.
    thanx for this great widget

  • I like this widget…
    it rocks…
    but bring back the scroll bar


  • Again, great widget.

    I’ve notice something a little disconcerting however. I was checking my activity monitor this morning and noticed the TV Forecast widget using up 250mb of real, allocated memory. Closing the widget and reopening it brought it back to around 17-20mb, but it looks like there may be some type of memory leak within it.

    Might be worth checking out.

  • Heather — 3:54 pm on 29.4.2007

    Hi, I am noticing that nothing is coming up today. Is there something wrong on my end or the widget is off?

    I really LOVE this widget, it kicks butt! 😀

  • Matt Comi — 5:12 pm on 29.4.2007

    @Heather – is down at the moment for maintenance so TV Forecast is affected by that. Hopefully it will be back soon!

  • Yea a timezone choice would be nice. i think my widget might be broken, right now i have 2 shows that are still having new shows and 2 that are in syndication. the 2 that are reruns just say series ended, and the 2 that are still on just say TBA. is that just how it works right now, only with new shows? or what.

  • Matt Comi — 4:29 pm on 5.5.2007

    @Sam –

    As for the shows that report ‘series ended’ – if there are no new episodes being made then that’s what TV Forecast (or TV Countdown for that matter) will report.

    I’m not sure what the other two shows are but I would suggest that you try searching for them at It would seem that, for one reason or another, doesn’t know when they’re going to be on next and thus TV Forecast can’t report it.

  • Ted Owens — 5:06 am on 9.5.2007

    Can’t add any shows. No scroll bar to scroll beyond the 4 shows listed. Redownloaded and still same.

  • Justin — 7:23 am on 9.5.2007

    Dude, I love this widget! I check it all the time so I don’t have to wait for the TV Guide Channel to scroll through a million times. One improvement, however, would be for the reporting of the next air date of shows in syndication. I watch a lot of shows that are no longer running new episodes, but repeats are on all the time. It’d be great if TV Forecast told me where to find these repeats. Keep up the good work!

  • Matt Comi — 9:27 am on 9.5.2007

    Ted: Try this – press enter after you type in the name of the show in the search field. It will come up with a list of possibilities. Select a show from the list and it will be added to your forecast. Please let me know how this goes.

    Justin: I’m glad to hear you like it! I don’t see TV Forecast or TV Countdown handling shows in syndication any time soon – though you’re not the first person to ask so maybe sometime in the future I’ll look into how it might be possible.

  • This widget is fantastic! However, for some reason since upgrading to Leopard my shows are forecasted for the wrong times. I live in Australia which would normally mean that shows are forecasted for the day after they show in the US. Since Leopard they are showing as the same date they air in the states.

    To confuse things further this problem only happens on my iMac and not on my Powerbook. And it works fine if I create a new user on my iMac. Can you tell me which part of the system the widget gets its time/timezone information from? Is there a preference I can trash to solve this? Many thanks.

  • I’m using 10.4.10PPC and downloaded the update to 2.3 of TvForecast and it doesn’t allow me to add shows, it lets me search and find shows, but when I click on them it doesn’t add them to my list. The version before this update worked, is there a way to download that version somewhere, because this new version is worthless to me if it doesn’t allow me to add shows, and didn’t keep the shows that I had in the other version.

  • AWESOME WIDGET…i watch a lot of shows so scrolling would be useful…tried opening two of the widget and got all my shows to show up that way..but on log out or restart the widgets become identical.

    scrolling would be awesome..thanks and keep up the good work