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Seeking Beta Testers
April 28th, 2007

TV Forecast 2.1 was released recently and the general reaction was, “great! fix the timezone and bring back the scrollbar.”

Right now, I’m putting the finishing touches on a TV Forecast spinoff widget. This widget, TV Countdown is, like it name suggests, counts down to the next episode of any TV show. And yes, it includes timezone correction. I’m quite confident that it is working correctly but before I release it into the wild and roll the functionality into TV Forecast, I would like to have it beta tested. If anyone is interested in trying out a pre-release version of TV Countdown please contact me either in the comments of this post or in an email.

And just finally, here is a screenshot to whet your appetite.

Update: TV Countdown has been officially released. Thank you all for your help.

  • WOW, keep up the great work, i absolutely love TV Forecast, and it great to see you update it so quickly.



  • I’d love to try and help out.

  • Ditto! I’d like to get in on this.

  • I’d like to try it as well 😉

  • I’d love to beta test this! Feel free to give me a holler!


  • I like the widget though I am having problems with PBS programs. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

  • Awesome widget!

    One thing, sometimes it doesn’t show the correct air time of a new/first run episode.

    For example, ABC airs a repeat of Lost at 9:00pm, before the actual new episode at 10:00pm and the widget shows the air time at 9:00pm.

    Dunno if that can be fixed, just a suggestion!


  • Matt Comi — 11:19 am on 3.5.2007

    @Marcus – All I can suggest is that you try your search at If the programs don’t show up there then you’re out of luck. If they do however, please let me know and I’ll look into it.

    @Neil – I take it that you’re referring to TV Forecast? The (yet to be released) TV Countdown widget adjusts time to then Eastern Timezone. If the feature is well received, I will be rolling the functionality into the next version of TV Forecast.

  • Shane Mendonsa — 6:15 am on 15.5.2007

    Awsome Widgets!

    I just noticed Everytime i run TV forcast and TV countdown together..some of the infomations Goes TBA & Episode info Unavalabile.. I noticed this when i did a search for Euntorage (first run episode) on both..Widgets.Once i close the TV countdown widget.. suddenly the information on The TV Forcast widget appears after a refresh..

    Is this a Bug?..

    Hope u can solve my problem