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TV Countdown
May 3rd, 2007

Behold! TV Countdown has been officially released. It’s a nifty little companion to TV Forecast that counts down to the next episode of a TV show. It features timezone correction meaning that it will account for the difference between your timezone and Eastern Time. Be warned, however – includes some TV shows that aren’t from the US. Unfortunately these shows aren’t labelled as such and are therefore not supported by TV Countdown.

Once again, please keep in mind that while these widgets are provided for free, donations are greatly appreciated. Thankyou and enjoy.

  • Magnus Enk — 2:56 am on 8.5.2007


    nice Widget. There just seem to be a small problem – when clicking a show name or episode, it opens the link several times. Well, thats what happens to me anyway, with Firefox as default browser.

  • Matt Comi — 10:27 am on 8.5.2007

    Thanks Magnus, I’ll look into that.

  • Kenn Fong — 4:36 am on 9.5.2007

    On, it says:

    “**TV Countdown will automatically adjust the countdown timer to Eastern Time** so that no matter where you are – as soon as an episode goes to air, you’ll know about it.”

    Is there any way I could adust it to my local time, which is pacific time?

    It looks handy, and I’d use it for four or five different programs if I knew I could have this in my local time.

    Cheers, kenny

  • I’m also having the same problem as Kenny.

    It’s still setting my times to EST.

    Thanks, Ted.

  • The shows I’m looking for aren’t listed. What can I do?

  • Matt Comi — 11:28 am on 10.5.2007

    Lewis: Are they in syndication? TV Countdown and TV Forecast only track shows that are still in production.

    Ted: This is an oversight in version 1.0 – I understand that eastern and pacific shows air at the same time though not simultaneously… if that makes any sense. So essentially what you need to do is disable timezone correction.

    I will add the ability to do this in version 1.1 but if you would like to do this now – it is reasonably straight forward.

    Open tv.js in your favorite text editor.

    On line 61, you will find:

    timezone_offset = timezoneDifference(”, ‘America/New_York’);

    Replace this line with:

    timezone_offset = 0;

    This is just a fix for people on the west coast – please don’t make the change unless you are experiencing problems with the countdown.

  • Thanks for the fast replay Matt!

    Worked perfectly.


  • I noticed each week LOST is displayed, the time of the show is off by an hour, according to EST. Lost comes on at 10:00 PM on the East Coast. It is shows as 9:00 PM on the Guide. Can that be fixed. Perhaps widget could have a section for folks to set according to their time-zone.

    ALSO noticed American Idol is off by an hour. Comes on at 9:00PM on East Coast on Wednesdays. Guide has it at 8:00PM.