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TV Forecast 2.2.1
May 21st, 2007

A new version of TV Forecast was released today. With full timezone support, I anticipate that it is what a lot of you have been waiting for. This version also addresses an issue some of you have been seeing whereby it wasn’t displaying the air dates of the episodes remaining in a show that had been cancelled. As always, please remember, if you enjoy using Big Bucket software, please consider making a small donation.

In other news, Tomatometer was featured in issue 42 of iCreate magazine! I received my copy today. I’m also led to believe that TV Forecast was featured in the May issue of the US edition of Macworld – though I haven’t seen it. Are any of you Macworld readers? If so, could somebody please scan in and send me the page on which TV Forecast appears? I would be most grateful.

  • Great widget, exactly what I was looking for since TV Tome became and removed the section “New this week”.

    But in the forecast for Battlestar Galactica it say not just 226 days but 226.041666… days.

  • Matt Comi — 11:28 pm on 21.5.2007

    @Thomas: I would guess that you’re using a beta build of Leopard. This is an odd quirk caused by the Javascript implementation in Leopard. I will be sure to address it in a future version. If you would like to fix it in the meantime, here is how:

    In TV Forecast.wdgt/Widget you will find DateTime.js. Modify line 405 from:
    return days;
    return Math.round(days);

    I believe this should do the trick for Leopard users.

  • Damn Matt! You’re FLASH fast!

    I just wrote you yesterday and BAM! You got a new version out fixing the ‘cancelled series but remaining episodes’ glitch!

    I’m duly impressed!


  • No, Tiger on an old, old iBook G3. No Leopard.

    But I will try your idea anway.

  • I’m getting the decimal for Battlestar as well, and I’m using Tiger.

    I’m also seeing shows remain on Eastern time even after I’ve changed the time zone to Central (Austin) for each one.

  • Hi there, I absolutely love the TV Forecast widget as I watch a lot of shows and can never keep track of them. Just wondered if there was a way to get it to scroll as I can’t fit the whole thing on my screen. I have tried opening another widget alongside it to put different shows in which works until I restart; it then just shows the same in both. Is this possible?
    Many thanks.

  • Matt Comi — 9:25 am on 22.5.2007

    @Thomas & @Stephanie: That’s very odd. I use Tiger (on my Powerbook G4) and what you’re describing doesn’t happen for me. The first person to raise that issue was using Leopard so I assumed that it was Leopard quirk. I’ll look into it.

    @Kerri: Unfortunately no – running two instances is not supported; TV Forecast will only maintain one set of preferences. I would suggest that you limit your forecast to 20 or so TV shows using the drop down menu on the back so that it only displays the next 20 shows to air.

  • Matt Comi — 11:52 am on 22.5.2007

    @Stephanie: The Timezone of each show is defaulted to Eastern (New York) and it only needs to be adjusted in the case that the TV show is not coming from an eastern feed. In your case, clicking ‘perform time zone correction’ and leaving each show’s individual time zone set to New York will do the trick – it will adjust the time from eastern to central.

  • I just wanted to pitch in that I’m getting the same weird decimal error in Galactica, and also that I’m in Tiger in a Core Duo iMac 20″. No leopard betas here!

  • Is Battlestar Galactica perhaps the only show at the moment that actually has its next scheduled episode in 2008?

  • Matt Comi — 10:13 am on 23.5.2007

    I’ve discovered the source of the day calculation error to be daylight saving. It was not introduced by 2.2, but people have only just started noticing it because a lot of TV shows are ending.

    When calculating the difference between two dates (with times set to midnight) the result is usually a whole number of days… unless the two dates cross a daylight saving boundary!

    The first person to mention this to me was running Leopard so I assumed it was Leopard specific given that I wasn’t seeing the issue. But the real reason I wasn’t seeing it is because Perth doesn’t have daylight saving! Thanks Ryan for helping me to track this down.

    I will be releasing an update shortly.