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TV Forecast 2.2.2
May 24th, 2007

Version 2.2.2 is now available. It addresses the issue some of you were seeing involving the way that the ‘number of days’ is calculated. Turns out it was caused by the crossing of a daylight savings boundary. We don’t (officially) have daylight saving here in Perth, Australia so that explains why I never saw the problem. Ah well, all fixed. Enjoy.

  • Great changes, Matt.

    I thought I would let you know that mine says Sopranos will air next on Saturday, June 2. But, when I click on the episode name, lists Sunday, June 3.

    It should be Sunday instead of Saturday. I don’t know why the widget says Saturday if the Web site lists Sunday as the date.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I hope it makes Albuquerque times the same as Dnver since they are in the same timezone. If not it would be great if you could add it to your next version.

    Great widget


  • This is probably self evident to everyone but me…
    Doctor who is showing up as already showing (really freakin me out)… is there a way to set it for the Sci-fi schedule for those of us without the cbc or bbc.
    p.s. I can live without the scroll now that I know I can just grab the blank part of a shows box and drag the whole thing off screen little by little until I can see what I want. At the risk of sounding like the ungrateful brat I can be, you seem to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to this request – you don’t like the requirement of clicking the widget before scrolling is active…
    I’d rather click once before scrolling rather than dragging the whole thing around, but since I have no talent for programming, and I like free programs, I’ll live.

  • Matt Comi — 9:44 pm on 28.5.2007

    @Mike: You’re stuck with BBC times unfortunately. As for dragging TV Forecast off the screen – why not just limit the forecast size using the selection on the back? My personal preference is to ‘Limit the forecast to 10 TV shows’ and not include shows that are TBA.

  • I like knowing BB8 is 38 days away, or that BSG is 157 days and counting… by the way, I liked the way BSG had thex.1466 days, very cylon.

    Yes it’s silly, but so is tracking TV.
    Also, why am I “stuck” wih bbc days?

  • Matt Comi — 12:01 am on 29.5.2007

    @Mike: You can only get BBC time for Doctor Who because that is the network listed by and is the site used by TV Forecast.

  • Thanks for explaining…

    I’m just happy the rest of the shows seem to show correctly, although I’m confused as to how that can be…
    and also, I am amazed at how much work you’ve put into TV Forecast. It really is a wonderful widget.
    Now I’m wondering which other programs are listed this way, so that I can check my local listings for those.

  • Great program… quick comment:

    I’m in Sydney, and when I added House (9PM Tues) and Boston Legal (10PM Tues) in the States it showed up in the listing as House (11AM Weds) and Boston Legal (12 AM Weds). The 12AM of Boston Legal should have been 12PM, noon, rather than 12AM.

    Thanks for all the hard work it’s a great widget.

  • Matt Comi — 4:27 pm on 30.5.2007

    @Alex: Well that’s interesting! I’ll look into that tonight, thanks.

  • My shows are all showing one month later then they should be. For example the Canadian Grand Prix – Montreal shows in the widget as Wed July 11, and has the correct date of Sunday June 10, 2007. Entourage is also showing Tue July 3, when the correct date is Sun Jun 3. I am in the US on EST.

    Keep up the great work as this is a fantastic widget.

  • Matt Comi — 11:18 pm on 31.5.2007

    @Alex & @Gary: Thank you both for bringing these issues to my attention.

    I’ve just released 2.2.3 which addresses both of these issues.

  • This might be a stupid question but the majority of my shows that I have chosen to display on this widget consistently show TBA for the times. They worked for a couple weeks and then just recently they have continually shown TBA when in fact they are showing on TV weekly. Can you help me out with this?

    I absolutely love this widget regardless.


  • Matt Comi — 9:22 am on 13.7.2007

    @Brian: Only new episodes are tracked by TV Forecast – I’m guessing that the weekly episodes are repeats?