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WWDC ’07
June 13th, 2007

So I take it we all noticed that World of Warcraft crashed while Steve was demoing .Mac? I figured that it was going to make an apperance during the Spaces demo. I cheekily anticipated the empty space. The Spaces demo came later and whatdya know – World of Warcraft is running again! Smoke and mirrors, I say!

Now, with regard to that ‘sweet’ iPhone deal where developers are allowed to write websites for the iPhone – I really wonder what API Apple plan to provide. If it’s anything like the widget object that developers get for the Dashboard it might not be half bad. Granted you won’t actually get an icon on the menu, but you may get persistent storage and fancy transitions, but who knows. Fingers crossed that iPhone Widgets aren’t far off.

Oh and one last thing, I’m pretty bummed that Steve Jobs actually used that Web Clip thing to grab a slice of the Rotten Tomatoes website, of all places, but made no mention of my Tomatometer Dashboard Widget. For shame!

  • What a shame about Tomatometer! You’d think he’d at least be nice enough to include it on the widgets slide given that he didn’t take the time to mention it. How rude!