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Quiet Achiever
August 26th, 2007

In the last few weeks I’ve been quietly working on a few things. The most noticeable of course is the update to Tomatometer. Aside from a couple of bug fixes, the new version introduces the ability to buy movies from iTunes. Next up is the speed improvements to the iPhone/Web version of TV Forecast. Moments ago, I did some behind-the-scenes work to get the thing running just-that-bit faster. Though I am likely to tinker with it now and then, I’m happy with the change.

Away from the machine, I’ve been becoming increasingly fascinated by
Derren Brown. He’s not very big here in Australia and by that I mean, Jess and I hadn’t heard of him before last week. He’s kind of a magician/hypnotist. It’s really hard to pick how much of his act is sleight of hand and how much is genuinely mind trickery. Most of his acts, like his ability to pay for jewelry with plain paper, is a combination of both. However he does it, the guy is just plain fascinating.