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iPhone TV Forecast update
October 8th, 2007

Just dusted off a new update to iPhone TV Forecast. This update relates to the way that episode summaries are handled; they are now displayed in full and fetched on demand. This keeps the up front download size small while ensuring that episode summaries don’t get truncated mid sentence.

  • I only just stumbled onto this app through Apple’s new webpage for iPhone apps. Anyways, I just thought this would be so much better if it displayed times for your local area of when your TV shows come on. Ability to email and/or sms when they are coming on would be great as well.

  • I would second that. Great app, but I REALLY need to know the times 🙂

  • tv forcast is not saving stored lists on iPod touch 1.1.3-any ideas? Was ok on 1.1.2.