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February 16th, 2008

After being inspired by this post, I decided to hack together Oscillofy; a Ruby script that can turn an image into sound. The sound looks like the image when it is played back into an oscilloscope (like Goldwave‘s XY plot).

A few caveats:

  1. If the pixel is not white, it is plotted onto the oscilloscope. So for best results, make sure the image is black and white.
  2. Images with a resolution of 255×255 work best. The image will be resized (and stretched) if necessary.
  3. The output PCM is 8-bit unsigned.

So knock yourself out. Sure this is a bit of a departure from the usual stuff I post here but hey, I needed to share it.

  • hey the oscillofy link is down 🙁 could you pleeeeeaase fix it? thx

  • Matt Comi — 8:42 pm on 13.1.2009

    Done and done. Sorry about that, my server seems to have a problem with .rb.txt files. So I zipped it.

  • alfred — 6:10 am on 9.2.2010

    Oscillofy looks really cool , but i was not able to donwload it , can you please fix it? or sent it to my email?

  • It looks like it’s working from here, maybe give it another shot.