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Jeff Fahey
April 16th, 2008

A little while ago now, Jess flew to Sydney to visit the Google offices. Just prior to heading home again, she went on a trek for obscure and ridiculous mementos. One of her more amusing selections was a B-grade horror flick from the bargain bin of a DVD store: Darkhunters. Needless to say, it was awful. In a good way.

Jeff Fahey in Darkhunters

Certainly the most interesting (and short lived) character in the film was this guy, Mr. Barlow. He was a Darkhunter which pretty much means ghost bounty hunter. I’m think he was dead, it wasn’t really clear. The basic premise was that, sometimes, when people die, they get “trapped between realms”. That is, they get stuck on Earth as a ghost that only a few people can see. Souls are “valuable commodities” and so bounty hunters such as Mr. Barlow chase them down in an effort to collect some kind of afterlife-ian reward. This Mr. Barlow guy was creepy and intense – the only good thing this film had going for it. Too bad he was only on screen for about 15 minutes.

I’ve seen this film many times now. Darkhunters is an hilarious kind of bad. As opposed to a gruesome or frustrating bad. It’s also short enough to play for guests. You just have to be sure to skip through the long drawn out scenes of cats acting creepy in a forest. A real gem.

More recently, we’ve been watching the fourth season of Lost. Really enjoying it. Loving the new characters. Particularly this guy, Frank Lapidus:

Jeff Fahey in Lost

Jess was the first to notice. Frank Lapidus and Mr. Barlow are both played by the same actor: Jeff Fahey. It was an astonishing and amusing revelation. This obscure little film, (with a cover that looks to have been printed with an Inkjet printer), features an actor who came to play a character on Lost. Admittedly, it was more likely his work on The Lawnmower Man than Darkhunters that brought him to the attention of the producers of Lost. Still. Hilarious.

Click through to Jeff’s big scene in Darkhunters. Things to look out for:

  • The woman first says, “not much to tell” and later says, “it’s a long story”.
  • The woman says “he was terrified by something”. As it happens, “he” was terrified by cats.
  • She doesn’t appear too concerned by Mr. Barlow’s fingernails or eyes.
  • Both characters are repulsed by the coffee.

And yes, the whole film is like this scene.