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Cross-platform Cheezburgers
April 19th, 2008

Last month I was contracted to develop some widgets for I Can Has Cheezburger. Altogether, I developed 4 widgets:

  • OS X Dashboard Widget
  • Yahoo Widget
  • Vista Gadget
  • iGoogle Gadget

With each widget you can view the latest Lolcat, browse the archive of Lolcats, comment on a Lolcat and email a link to a friend. The OS X and Vista versions also allow you to vote on the Lolcat.

I Can Has Cheezburger Widget

The widgets can be downloaded directly from I Can Has Cheezburger.

Update: I don’t directly support these widgets. Please contact Pet Holdings, Inc. directly if you encounter any issues.

  • Hey Matt, your Vista widget is packed wrongly. It should have extention Cheezburger.gadget when you download it. I have extracted all files from the and get rid of the folder Cheezburger.gadget. Then I zip it and renamed the zip file to Cheezburger.gadget. After that u can just double click and it will ask you to install the widget.

  • Link to the Mac OS X widget doesn’t work

  • Filipe Silva — 4:14 pm on 13.3.2009

    Hey Matt, great widget, saves me “lots” of time getting my funnies by not making me go to the browser. However… right now it seems the widget is fetching the latest lolcat right, but then it doesn’t browse the rest of them in order, it seems to jump to a random one from the last few days. What’s up (with the widget or the site)?

  • The ICHC widget is currently slightly broken. It updates to the most current picture, but when you click the back button, it goes back to a picture maybe 20 times ago rather than the immediately previous one.

  • The ICHC widget for OS X seems to be broken. I have reinstalled it a couple times to no avail. Currently it just constantly spins, looking for a lolcat picture to stream. It does occasionally pick up a picture, but then when I click next it either skips randomly or can’t find one at all. Any plans on fixing this?