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What happened to Tomatometer?
August 6th, 2008

Upon the request of IGN Entertainment, The Tomatometer Dashboard Widget and iPhone web app have been taken down. Anyone with the widget currently installed will also find that it no longer works. I guess it was fun while it lasted. Sorry about this, but they wanted it gone.

So I’m thinking that I’m going to write a similar widget, only this time, it’ll be powered by Metacritic. I’m incredibly busy right now with two iPhone applications so maybe Jess will be taking the reigns on this one.

  • Damn, no, why?!

    I loved that Tomatometer widget on my dashboard. And just when I was about to use the web apps, they get taken down. Somebody must really hate me πŸ™

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward on any iphone / dashboard products you guys are working on. Keep it the excellent work!

  • Damn that’s a real shame. I was using the iPhone web app almost every day. Looks like the Tomatoes app is gone too. Good luck with the new apps.

  • JarrΓ© — 2:30 pm on 8.8.2008

    I’m f***ing pissed. I use both the Tomatometer Dashboard Widget and the RT iPhone App every day, usually multiple times.

    If IGN wants them “taken down”, then they better have a good reason, and that reason better be that they’re going to replace them with some of their own…and that they’ll be as good (or better, which is not very likely) as yours.


    Why, IGN, why?

  • Unfortunate, but not all bad – Now you have two blank spots on your site which you need to fill… can’t wait to see whats next.


  • Brendan — 3:47 am on 9.8.2008

    It shows IGN is run by a bunch of idiots. One of the best Widgets out there, they should have approached you and asked if they can buy it from you. Fools.

  • That’s really a shame… It was a great application. But to replace it, how about one that searches both Metacritic and iMDB?

  • They probably wanted it taken down because it subtracts users from actually viewing their website. Reducing traffic, less people view ads. That is the only reason why I can seem to come up with.

  • OK, call me ignorant, definitely call me disappointed, but who the hell is IGN to you?

  • IGN, you suck for this. This app was better than anything you’d replace it with. Which you probably won’t do. If you do make an app it’ll be bloated, slow, littered with ads and ugly – just like your website. Sucks for us.

    On a more uplifting note. Thanks for all you hard work on your tomatometer app. It was awesome. People like you are what make the internet tick. πŸ™‚ Good luck to you in the future mate.

  • Regarding Jvin’s comment, YES, DEFINITELY money is ALWAYS the reason in matters like this. If the widget keeps people from actually going to RT, where they encounter ads, then it makes perfect sense to ask Matt to take it down.

    But even if the widget didn’t keep people from going to the site (It didn’t keep me, for example, from going there…I like to read WHY a movie is low rated, not just see that it’s low rated), the widget does keep people from going to the front page of the site (where there is a huge ad before you see the page itself) because it takes you right to the movie you’re interested in. Therefore, it is quite understandable (in my mind) why they would want to snuff out the widget, even though I also am sad it’s gone. Thanks for making it, Matt.

    On the other hand, IGN has made something of a gamble as well because I will be going to RT much less now that the widget is gone simply because it will take more time to go there now. This will especially be the case when Matt gets the Metacritic widget going.

    Regarding Steve’s question, presumably IGN is the company who owns RT or at least is the henchman who goes after people RT perceives to be a threat to its business. And who is this IGN to Matt, et al.? Well, basically, he doesn’t want to be sued.

  • Geeeezz i was wondering what was going on …… duhhh. Now i know…. not up on things like most of you… but what a great widget that was………if they are worried about traffic…… and like one person said, “they go to the site to get more indepth info…”…. well….. (and maybe it was already there, but i just didn’t know how to use it): but if there was a “go to RT” button on the widget…………??…..would that suffice for them???….whaaaaaaa…..but alas…. as so many others have said, “thanks for the hard work”….. it’s appreciated……

  • Jarrod Willard — 9:10 am on 28.10.2008

    I tried to go to this weekend on my iPhone, and it crashed Safari.

    I really don’t see that it makes any sense for IGN to request this stuff be taken down.

    Isn’t any time you have us looking at tomato icons, or thinking about good for IGN?
    When I want to know about a movie, i instantly think rottentomatoes. I love explaining the simple rotten/fresh system to the uninitiated… stuff like this just leaves a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

    IGN has their own free app for iPhone that allows you to get free content -game scores/reviews/video reviews.

    If they want to do this right, IGN should make an iPhone rottentomatoes app similar to their IGN reviews app.

    The only reason I can think they would do this is they are planning on coming out with a version with ads integrated, and they don’t want people to access to the version without ads.

    Either way, I think it’s a mistake.

  • mr monkeyhead — 6:00 am on 9.11.2008

    IGN is part of FOX [News], no surprise they came down on the wrong side of this.

    Good idea to move on to metacritic Matt et al… It was nice while it lasted.

    Keep up the good work!