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Introducing Metameter
August 21st, 2008

Shortly after I received the formal notice to take down Tomatometer, Jess started work on what eventually became known as Metameter. The final result was uploaded last night. Her task basically consisted on giving Tomatometer a new coat of paint and a new back end. It now pulls its data from the Metacritic film review database and is now a polished blue and pink. The tomato button has also transformed into a more practical and less proprietary magnifying glass button.

  • just tried it. works well and thank you. im not going to rotten tomatoes anymore.

  • how about an iPhone version?

  • Henrique — 8:37 pm on 14.9.2008

    Waiting for the iPhone webapp/nativeapp =)

  • Nice!
    Would it be possible to add options on the back of the widget to select between movies, music, tv, games to search through?