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TV Forecast iPhone App Now Available
September 18th, 2008

The TV Forecast iPhone App is now available at the App Store. Some of you have noticed that the Dashboard Widget and Web App stopped working this morning – this was not my doing. This problem was caused by the very recent redesign of the website. This problem does not affect the new iPhone App. The new iPhone App version of TV Forecast sources its data from TVRage as opposed to I will be updating the Dashboard Widget and Web App very soon.

  • Awesome. Can’t wait to get home from work to start downloading as the search function on the App Store on the phone can’t find it.

  • Nice. i was waiting for the app.
    Just got it from Kuwait appstore.
    Works great.

  • I’m sorry but it don’t seems to work at all… I just buy it, added my favorite tv show, and all of them are shown as To Be Announced…
    BUT all of them are already planned (according to the old dashboard app on my Mac).

  • Matt Comi — 3:08 pm on 18.9.2008

    I’m assuming you’re referring to shows like Lost, which are on hiatus until next year. These shows are reported by as returning on Jan 1 2009 when in fact they are really returning sometime in 2009. This new iPhone App version of TV Forecast sources its data from TVRage rather than TVRage does not include an entire date when it only knows the year. Therefore, Lost is displayed as TBA rather than Jan 1 2009.

  • Works for me. Only issue – eg: I’m in Australia, Stargate Atlantis is on in Us on Friday, my Saturday. Today is Thursday and it is saying that it is on tomorrow (Friday) when it should show it as Saturday for me like the web app and widget do. Will it be able to adjust according to timezone. Awesome app though.

  • Matt Comi — 3:25 pm on 18.9.2008

    @andy Understood! When submitting TV Forecast to the App Store I specified that I only wanted it released in the US and Canada stores – specifically for this reason. Time zone correction is coming in 1.1. Oh well, it looks like it’s been released worldwide. I hope you still find it useful despite having to do the time zone adjustment in your head.

  • I have a US iTunes account as well but before I got home from work to my home computer I looked up the app on my work computer which links to the Australian iTunes store and I believe it was on there as well. I’ve posted a link to your website on an Australian Mac website so you should be getting a few more sales. Cheers!

  • Man! Very few things in life can you say were worth the wait. I was really excited to have this as a native app. The web app liked to lose my shows a lot. Well I can say this was REALLY worth the wait. For a version 1 of this app it is perfect! Beautifully designed, the ability to email a reminder. Great stuff. The ability to access other episodes I know you have coming. If it could throw a calendar event that would be great too. But I am really, really pleased.

    Great job!

  • Great app, well worth the price. I know it was mentioned that there would be the ability to see the shows you may have missed in the days before. Is that enabled? Mainly useful to me as I live in the UK and by the time I wake up the shows I normally look out for have already been broadcast.

    Either way though, this little app is brilliant though in future versions, maybe a way to sync it with the dashboard widget would be an idea?

  • I’m refering to lost, but although :
    Dexter, Flashpoint, Fringe, Gossip Girl, Prison Break, Privileged, … which are already on air every weeks…

    So I confirm : it doesn’t work for me ! Is that because I’m in France ?

    I can’t wait for it to work, it’s a such useful apps !! Please, indicate me what to do !

  • Same as Alex here …
    Actually, the dashboard widget seems to have stopped working too … dates are “unknown” for all tv shows …

  • Cameron — 11:32 pm on 18.9.2008

    Where does it pull the artwork from? There’s a couple of shows that are missing the artwork, but maybe I can get it uploaded there.

  • Matt Comi — 11:39 pm on 18.9.2008

    @Alex @Yann Sorry to hear that – I’ve contacted you both via email. Hopefully we can get this sorted out.

    @Cameron – The artwork is sourced from iTunes. Thanks for your suggestion though!

  • Matt Comi — 12:08 am on 19.9.2008

    @Alex @Yann I just tracked down your problem – TV Forecast has an issue with the French regional setting. Until I release an update you can work around this problem by going to:

    Settings > General > International > Region Format

    And setting this value to United States.

    I will continue to investigate. Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention.

  • Maarten — 3:43 am on 19.9.2008

    quote: Some of you have noticed that the Dashboard Widget and Web App stopped working this morning – this was not my doing.

    It’s good to hear I’m not the only one having this problem. My question is, will the Apple dashboard widget be fixed soon? Really hope so, best widget ever!

  • I had a problem with my french/canada international setting making my app not to work. Solved by changing tu english/us but I hope it will be fixed. Besides that, a perfect app!!!

  • Awesome iPhone App ! Jste can’t wait for the french fix ! Thank yooouuuu !

  • Great app, just installed on itouch it’s perfect !
    Just one thing maybe…
    In the summary could you add the season and episode number in next version ?
    Thanks for your work !

  • My favorite dashboard and webapp finally native, excellent 🙂 Works like a charm here in Switzerland. Looking forward to the timezone implementation.


  • Just purchased it, seems very good.

    Like Pao said though, any chance you could make it show the season and episode?

  • I have a question. As a developer myself, I’m wondering why the iphone app uses tvrage while you chose for the widget?

    I would have expected them to be using the same source. Maybe you get more info from Tv rage and I also know that it’s easier to parse, or at least used to be before the redesign.

  • Liévin — 1:03 am on 22.9.2008

    Hope you fix the region format issue real soon, this app could be simply awesome

  • I love the iphone app and wish the dashboard widget would incorporate the same look at the iphone app with images.

    Also,is there a way to add how long the shows are.Like tonite’s Heroes is a 2 hr premier and it would be helpful to know since its overlapping the show in the next time slot i might want to see too.
    Also, some shows don’t have cover art
    Brothers and sisters
    Boston Legal

    Any reason for that or is it the website
    thanks n keep up the good work.

  • Perfectly working on my French iPhone with today’s update. Thanks!

  • Alejandro — 12:36 am on 24.8.2009

    How can you get the artwork from the iTunes collection?
    I want to know. 😛