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Time Zones
October 5th, 2008

The Dashboard Widget version of TV Forecast has had ‘time zone correction’ for a long time now so when the iPhone app came out and people quickly realized that it didn’t support time zone correction, my inbox filled up with lots of emails asking me why. In short, I’ve never been completely happy with the way time zone correction works in the Dashboard Widget. It’s too confusing.

The most common mistake people seem to make when trying to wrangle the time zone correction feature of the dashboard widget is to set the ‘broadcast city’ to their own city. The thing is – the widget knows where you are, what it doesn’t know is where the show is broadcast from. This is what is meant by ‘broadcast city’. So in general, if you live in the pacific time zone, (e.g. San Francisco) or in the eastern time zone (e.g. New York) and you’ve only put US TV shows into your forecast, then time zone correction is probably unnecessary. People in central, on the other hand, need to determine whether they’re getting a local, eastern or pacific feed and set the broadcast city accordingly. I used to get a lot more questions about this when the broadcast city drop down list simply read ‘time zone’. My bad – this term provided no context.

I’m still trying to figure a better way to do this for the iPhone app.

  • I have set the day on my iphone one day back to work around this issue. Also you can try adding manual updates to work around this issue.

  • You could set the app to convert the (US) Eastern broadcast time to the phone’s local time by default, then put an “Enable Timezone Adjustment” toggle in the preferences (defaulted to Off). Then for those who choose to use it, in the app they can pick a timezone to use on a show-by-show basis (perhaps defaulting to local time).

    Somehow I think most users are primarily concerned with the Eastern broadcast, not when it’s on locally.

  • This app is great but it really needs some type of Time Zone support for us Aussies.

  • Any updates on this issue?

  • Hey, is timezone correction still coming?