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TV Forecast 1.1 now available in the App Store
January 7th, 2009

Apple approved the 1.1 update of TV Forecast this morning. It’s been quite a while in the works and I hope you’ll find the wait worthwhile.

The most noticeable new feature is the Previous/Upcoming toolbar at the bottom of the forecast screen.

Previous/Upcoming bar

The bar introduces the ability to not only see what is going to be on next, but also what was on last. It has been a fairly common concern that the determination of whether an episode was missed or if it simply didn’t air on a given week is a hard to make. The new ‘Previous’ listing takes care of this.

This version also introduces time zone support. It is now possible to specify, for each show, whether or not time zone correction should be applied. Unlike the Dashboard Widget TV Forecast, there is no need to set the broadcast city of each show. The need to set the broadcast city in the Dashboard Widget has been a major source of confusion for many users so I’m very pleased to have been able to do away with it.

Time zone correction

The presence of the globe indicates that the TV show’s air time will be adjusted for the difference in time between your own city and the city in which it is broadcast.

Another feature that deserves a mention is the new “On Air” ribbon.

On Air ribbon

This ribbon, predictably, appears over a TV show’s artwork while that TV show is airing. To support this, the forecast now updates itself every minute. So as well as ensuring that the ribbon appears and disappears at the correct moment, section headers will now always be valid. For example, if you happen to be browsing TV Forecast at 11:59PM (I’m sure you have your reasons) and the clock ticks over to midnight, version 1.1 ensures that all shows in the section “Today” will reorganize themselves into “Yesterday” and so on.

Some other notable ‘under-the-hood’ features in 1.1 include much faster scrolling. The majority of the work there involved changing the section header code. That topic deserves a post all of its own so I’ll steer clear of it for now. And finally, artwork is now cached locally. This makes for faster loading and less strain on the 3G/EDGE network.

And there it is. Thanks to every who helped beta test this. As always, it is greatly appreciated. So please, go grab yourself a copy and leave a review!

  • I notice there’s still no support for localized listings, which is a pity. 🙁

    What I mean, specifically, is that 24, for example, is airing on Fox this Sunday, in the US, however it’s only airing on Monday night on Sky One in the UK.

    Other stuff, like Top Gear, Live At The Apollo, and so on, which are UK-only shows seem to show up fine, I’ve had no problems with that. However, it’s the US ones that annoy me a bit. Still, it’s not that much of an issue since, at the moment, most of the shows here are either years behind the US (such as Two and a Half Men), which is what bittorrent is for, and the ones that are here (like 24, and Lost) are generally only one or two days behind the US release.

    I know that what I’m asking is probably quite a lot of extra code, but would it be possible to add in the future?

    Other then that, TV Forecast is brilliant. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • It’s definitely faster, thanks for the update!

  • Matt Miles — 11:58 am on 8.1.2009

    Nice work! This is now the perfect app for me.

    One question: Is there a reason why the ‘Previously’ section runs from the oldest show at the top, to the most recent at the bottom? I imagine most people would use this feature to check if they just missed a show, so they would have to scroll to the bottom. It’s no big deal but might work better the other way up i.e. most recent at the top.

    Love this app, great UI, great features and especially useful when you don’t live in the States.

  • Good job, but I would love to have the tv show pictures for kath and kim (us) and American idol. It’s such a beautiful app and the missing pictures just annoy me!


  • Dude,

    This latest release is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. My biggest gripe with the old versions was the lack of international timezone support. Now I don’t lose shows which haven’t aired yet simply because our timezone is a day infront of the U.S. Thanks heaps for that, loving it greatly!!

    Only small suggestion which I would love to see is the episode number (like Season 4, Episode 6 or S04E06 or 4×06) listed infront of the episode’s title in the main list. Personally I don’t know the episode names, simply what episode number it is. Would love to see this!

    Keep up the good work.

  • The update is great! You really out did yourself with this release. I must say though that the new previous/upcoming bar really gets in my way. It’s a great idea but does it have to be visible at all times? Another concern I have that I would love to see added in a future release is some sort of archiving feature. I primarily use the app on my iPod Touch and am not always in a place that has wifi. As it stands if I don’t have signal and I launch the app I still can’t see when the show is going to air. Sometimes I just need a reminder of (at the very least) the show start time. In all honesty though the update is much welcome. I noticed the speed right away and the “on air” ribbon is a great touch.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  • I’m sure there is somewhere else that would be a better to say this, but you need to get more tv show pictures!! Specifically American Idol!! I hate when they are missing… Please update (oh and thanks for adding the kath and kim picture)

  • I agree with Ikue, I wish it cached the last update of the schedule so I can use it when not near wifi on my Touch. Other than that, it’s a great app. I’m using it a lot more than I used the widget. Nice job!

  • Excellent update. I love the scrolling, and the previously feature is great, except it really needs to have most recent episodes at the top. Now, we just need to have an upcoming feature also!!