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Weekly TV Forecast Sales
January 15th, 2009

Weekly TV Forecast Sales (15/Sep to 5/Jan)

Looks nice, right? It’s the weekly sales of TV Forecast from September 15th to January 5th. 1 The spike on December 22nd is due to the Christmas spending spree and the incline on the 5th is thanks to the release of TV Forecast 1.1.

In September I ranted about the way that Apple changed the way that they define “release date”. Specifically, the release date of an application was changed to mean the date of its first version. Prior to this change, the release date referred to the date that an application was last updated. This was a bad change. As far as I could tell, there was no longer any (financial) incentive to update TV Forecast; an update would not increase the application’s visibility in the App Store and so it wouldn’t result in an increase in downloads.

Fortunately though, a trick/feature/bug was discovered whereby it became possible to bump an application back up to the front page after it was updated. This “Availability Trick” is entirely responsible for the bump in sales I received on the week of January 5th.

Of course, I can only hope that this trick will continue to work.

1. The actual sales figures have been omitted as I only mean to draw attention to the curve and not dollars earned..