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TV Forecast Sale
January 23rd, 2009

To celebrate the return of LOST, TV Forecast is now on sale for 99c.

  • Yeah, this is great price, but it’s quite stupid that you have to pay that low amount of money, since when your’e from sweden (as I am) you are not allowed to buy anything at the US store. So now I can’t use this anymore, great. Thanks. I’m sure you make a big buck at the same time as you disable the greatest widget ever for me. Thanks.

  • Matt Comi — 5:04 pm on 30.1.2009

    Please see this post. I didn’t disable the widget – it will be back as soon as I can fix it.

    Also, I would never disable the widget just to make more money from App Store sales.

  • okay, thanks. You are really brilliant, coming up with the idea in the first place you know! 🙂 Thank you for that!

  • Andre Moore — 10:41 am on 19.2.2009

    When are you going to add the American Idol icon!!! I keep waiting! It bugs me so much!