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TV Forecast Dashboard Widget is temporarily unavailable
January 30th, 2009

The TV Forecast dashboard widget is currently out of order due to a redesign. I will get to work fixing it as soon as possible.

The iPhone App is unaffected as it is powered by

  • Out of curiousity, why doesn’t the widget run off of TVRage as well?

  • i was wondering where lost went

  • Matt Comi — 5:02 pm on 30.1.2009

    I was unaware of’s support for third-party developers when I first wrote the Dashboard Widget. If I had the time to do so, I would love to rewrite the widget to use TVRage’s services instead.

  • Hi Matt: I really miss the widget !! Hope you’ve got it back up and running soon.

  • Why don’t you use Schedules Direct?

  • sarnford — 10:11 am on 31.1.2009

    Thanks for the update and for working on this. This is by far the best application on my mac and iPhone. Not having this would be a big punch in the stomach.

  • Hi Matt, thanks for the update, noticed today it wasn’t working. It’s my favourite widget!

  • tony cruz — 11:23 am on 31.1.2009

    Take your time Matt….I can wait…Thank you for a great widget that I use daily!!!…that’s a HUGE compliment, since I don’t use many that are useful and yours is PERFECT!!



  • Hi Matt, hope the widget gets up and running soon. Like many others I miss it and hope for it swift return. I truly love it and hope it doesn’t consume to much of your time fixing it. Thanks again for a great widget that has become very usefully in my daily life.

    Bryan (NC)

  • Hi Matt,

    I´m using the dashboard widget every day.
    So thanks in advance for the upcoming update.

  • Hey Matt,

    Thanks for letting us know what’s going on 🙂 Like the others here, I just wanna say thanks for such a useful widget, I really appreciate it!


  • I use TVRage as a back up to your widget. TVRage is not as easy on the eyes and shows too few shows at a glance. I like your widget much more so.

  • Matt
    Thanks for working on updating it, I’m a huge fan of your widget, heck I only use 3, so you should be honored.
    Keep up the good work

  • I was quite shocked to see the the widget not working, as I also check the widget daily. I hope you find time to update the widget and web (webtv) version.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Richard — 7:52 am on 1.2.2009

    The best widget by far on my dashboard. I appreciate that you do such a great job on something that you give out for free.

  • Matt,
    Thanks for this awesome widget. It is sorely missed, can’t wait to have it back!