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TV Forecast 1.2
February 22nd, 2009

TV Forecast 1.2 hit the App Store a few days ago. Here’s a run down of what’s changed:

Now able to view the forecast without an active internet connection

This has been a common request – particularly from iPod Touch users. TV Forecast now saves all TV show information for offline viewing. A fortunate side effect of this feature is that it lead to this next feature:

Starts up instantly

Given that all TV show information is being saved locally, it becomes possible to start up and display the forecast without having to download anything. Once it’s started, just like the iPhone’s, it will attempt to perform a refresh. If the refresh fails due to lack of internet connectivity, it will tell you so. When the refresh is happening, the standard title bar is replaced with a (custom) progress view.

Progress bar as a title view

Given that the refresh is now happening when the app has already loaded, it’s only fair that I should add the…

Ability to refresh the forecast at any time.

The previously bare bottom left corner of the toolbar now sports a refresh button. I always intended this space to be used for a refresh button, but the feature didn’t make the cut for 1.1.

Brand new refresh button

And finally, we have:

Improved handling of unavailability problems.

TV Forecast 1.1 had this unpleasant problem where it would crash if it was being loaded while was down. I received several emails (and bad iTunes store reviews) from people who purchased the app while was down and assumed that the app just plain didn’t work. This situation, any many other situations like it are handled gracefully in TV Forecast 1.2.

As well as these major changes, I also gave the UI a bit of a polish. Notably, the forecast artwork now appears glossy, similar to the Artist grid view in iTunes 8. I also fixed the problem where the Edit button wouldn’t switch between Edit and Done. Note to developers, if you implement:

-(void)setEditing:(BOOL)editing animated:(BOOL)animated

Then don’t forget to call:

[super setEditing:editing animated:animated].

Unless, of course, you intend for your edit button to always say Edit.

  • woo hoo! this makes it even more useful!

  • I simply love this app – I just wanted to suggest the addition of one functionality –
    When I want to email a reminder to myself for a particular show – currently I need to send an email for each show – I would love it if there could be a way to click on all the shows I want to be reminded for and then just send one email for all – it would really be helpful.


  • Alexandra — 5:20 am on 28.2.2009

    I love the app but can you add a countdown of the exact hours, minutes and seconds option? What about an option that would all you to set an alarm for each show?

  • Ellen Edelstein — 8:39 am on 28.2.2009

    I downloaded the free tv forecast widget and it no longer works. Is this temporary or forever? Is my only alternative to but the new $2.99 app? Thanks.

  • Sybil Colombier — 1:26 am on 2.3.2009

    I’m thinking the same thing as Ellen about the free app. I also want to say that it’s really a great widget.
    Thank you for it.

  • Gabriel Dunn — 6:54 am on 2.3.2009

    MY dashboard widget only says TBA now!! It is the single most useful widget, but now I cant use it! HALP!

  • First of all, thank you for all your hard work in this widget/app. I have been using it since day one and it always worked great for me.

    I have a small problem though. Since the last update of the widget, it only shows “TBA” on all shows. The iPhone app just works fine. Are there any files in the Library I could delete before reinstalling the dashboard widget? Maybe it’s a cache problem, but I can’t figure it out …

    Thanks again!

  • Jordon — 5:22 am on 3.3.2009

    Plus why does it list last week first? who needs this info? I would like to see today 1st.

  • I love the app and the new updates. Having the app start immediately is a huge help if I want to quick check what’s on or what’s coming up, as my WiFi at home isn’t the fastest.

    As for a couple things that would be nice to see… First, having some way to scroll an episode’s name would be nice, as some names are too long and don’t fit in the current width of the screen. Also the ability to see what season/episode number the episodes are would be nice (especially for people like me that are OCD enough to want their TV recordings organized by season, episode, and name).

    Last, it’d be really nice if you could go back (and maybe forward) more than one episode. For shows with a continuous plot, it’s nice to have a quick reference way to go back and see what every episode of the entire season was about (or perhaps even more for shows that don’t have a continuous plot).

  • Henning — 10:16 am on 24.3.2009

    Thanks for making a great app. I don’t have any suggestions, I get use out of it just the way it is. 🙂

  • can you make a push notification feature on when your shows are about to air.

  • I second that.. A notifying system would be great. For me especially when the show has been aired, so I remember to download it!