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Why,, Why?
March 2nd, 2009

Ok. This is starting to get a bit monotonous. A couple of days ago, rolled out a redesign and so today, I sat down to make the appropriate adjustments to the dashboard widget and put out a new version. Only this time the redesign looks to be quite broken. The dashboard widget scrapes the summary page of each TV show to determine all the information it needs, i.e. title, air time/date, previous and next episode titles. So obviously, something has changed on the summary page. As it turns out, something quite important has changed; it no longer displays any information regarding the TV show’s upcoming episode.

Now I’m pretty confident that this is just a temporary glitch on the part of and that they’ll very likely add this information back at some point in the future. But right now, I can’t just make a minor adjustment to the dashboard widget code to make it work again.

So. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do with the widget in the long-term. The iPhone App version of TV Forecast is powered by rather than and ever since the release of the iPhone App version, I’ve been toying with the idea of switching the widget over to use this service also. This change would remove the disparity between the Dashboard Widget and iPhone App versions of TV Forecast. More importantly though, since TVRage supplies and API, this change would mean that I wouldn’t have to release an update every time the website design changed.

I’m not completely sure I’m going to do this yet. I may just wait a couple days and see if gets their site back in order. Switching the widget over to TVRage isn’t a small feat and would take time. But this is where things are at. So now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

  • @Tyltyl: You can fix such errors when you see them by creating an account on
    Fixed Lost myself for now.

    As for Battlestar Galactica, you need to select the “Battlestar Galactica (2003)” search result, because if you chose the “Battlestar Galactica” one, you’ve selected the 1978 version, which has indeed ended…

  • @Guillaume
    Right, I choose the first BSG, but it wasn’t the 2003 series.
    Thanks for your suggestions and your great work 🙂

  • I have been using this for years now. I don’t think I could live with out it. I would have to put my vote in for switching over to It seems whenever does a redesign, you have to go back and make some somewhat major changes to the widget.
    You could just put in the effort now and switch if over to, and only have to update it when you want to change ui.
    thats my 2 cents. But other then that, I love what you have created here, simple design, easy to use both on the desktop and the iphone. brilliant.

  • Joseph Moosha — 9:38 pm on 12.3.2009


    I’m all for the switch. I have had no problem on my iPhone. But the app on the Mac seldom works of late.

  • I’m slowing losing my will to live without this widget. It kept me sane. Please fix it.

  • Sunwalker — 2:38 am on 14.3.2009

    Thank you, Guillaume. Works perfectly.

  • Guillaume’s patch works great!. I had to remove the widget and re-add it (tried cmd-R) and everything came up. Thanks a lot!

  • you guys are AMAZIN

    i mean seriously talented – doin all this work for free and then helpin each other out when things dont work – imamazed

    i know nothing about programmin or writing code, i just like to watch us shows in the uk, and its a lot easier with your help guys


    and keep up the GREAT WORK!!

  • And they wonder why they keep losing viewers of network television. Here’s a free clue, TV programming people. If you keep moving your programs around and show new episodes seemingly at random (not being an advertiser, I neither know nor care when “sweeps” are — how about scheduling for viewer convenience?) and cancel most of your new shows after only a few episodes, people are just going to find something else to watch or do. Without applications like this and TiVo, I would have just given up on network television long ago so how about getting together and producing a web service so applications like this can more easily let people know when new episodes of TV shows are actually on?

  • asciilogic — 12:41 am on 17.3.2009

    definitely switch to the iphone app looks and performs way better than the widget. if you make the switch…i will donate again this year 🙂 -andre

  • Any updates on the fix?

  • when will it be back up???

  • I really do miss my TV Forecast. I’ve been using, but it’s just not the same. Any word on when the widget might be fixed?

  • michael — 4:58 am on 19.3.2009

    i would love to see this back soon too. i’ve tried the ‘hack/update’ listed above, but i just get a spinning cursor so…

  • Please update the widget soon. The world awaits your creations. 😉

  • Thanks Guillaume!

  • Gee… all my shows say “TBA” on the widget (I’ve downloaded the newest version). That’s not a lot of help! The widget used to work like a charm…

  • Caitlin — 3:21 pm on 21.3.2009

    I want you to know that you are are wonderful for making this widget. Thank you so much! I know it is down for now, but you have many loyal followers who will patiently wait for its return. Thank you!

  • I got the fix to work but its not the same… i miss the convenience of going to and finding out all the facts about the show. one thing i like tho is that the fix is much much faster and doesn’t hog my internet, which is good when all I have is like slow DSL speed.

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  • I love this widget! I use it on my Macbook Pro and on my iphone. One question. My show list is so long it scrolls on the iPhone. There doesn’t appear to be anyway to scroll in the desktop widget, and my list runs off the screen. Your thoughts, thanks for all the effort.